Nancy Polley

Nancy is Roots of Life’s Financial Secretary – She is a Whiz at numbers and details. Her interests include: Philanthropy, Reading, Golfing, and Adventuring. Always first at volunteering to sweep the sidewalks, make coffee, and make you laugh. Nancy has her fingerprints all over our stewardship campaign and fundraising activities. Nancy likens church to a questionable algebraic equation: people in relationships = church = community = family. She is pleased to contribute to the Roots of Life’s visioning team and being a Seed Planter through board work.

Jay Jasper

Jay musician extraordinaire! Plays guitar, trombone and is classically trained in German Opera. He plays bluegrass, folk and is well versed in hymnody. Jay can even play a little piano and organ, although he cannot sing and and play at the same time…he has to hold his mouth in a certain way. Jay loves the church, Jesus, words, and most people. Jay gives us a great deal through his extraordinary gift of humor, history, and music.

Kim Parker

Kim is known as our Village Spiritual Director Kim is a lover of spirituality, family, books, and green things that grow. “Being outside in the garden and watching our two young daughters eat tomatoes off the vine fills my heart with joy like nothing else. Likewise, an evening walk on the nature trail with my husband and our dog, Bella, is a sought after treat (as are chocolate chip cookies!).

Born and raised a Christian, I have grown to love and appreciate all the straight and narrow roads, crooked turns, and winding pathways this journey has sent me on. I was a faithful youth group kid who, years later, ended up in seminary and completed a M.Div. from Emmanuel Christian Seminary. As does life, my experience of God has gone through various seasons. These seasons have included blossoming gardens and radiant color as well as arid deserts and dark valleys. Several years after attending seminary, and after I found the courage to go on my own journey inward, I earned a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Sustainable Faith. Additionally, I am a current student and graduate of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation .

Mark & Linda Seifert

A Dynamic Duo, Mark is one of our resident theologians and has an uncanny ability to read and understand scripture. He remains curious and is willing to continually uncover history and meaning of sacred text. He is a coveted Bible study leader and a pillar of our community. His prayers are thought provoking and beautifully articulated.

Linda has a heart for ministry. Coordinator of many projects, she is a get it done kind of gal. Whether it is a Pet Blessing Service, Food Bank Initiatives, Summer Food Programs or Meals for the needy, Linda is an exceptional organizer. As long as it gets done she is willing to step back and let others take the limelight. She would say that she is a backstage leader.

The Seiferts care about Roots of Life and are excited about being an more integral part of the Roots community – especially as it changes and grows into who God calls us to be.

Illona Lipovsky

Illona is Slovakian; hard working, determined, imaginative, loyal and through and through Lutheran. Her idols include Martin Luther and John Dominic Crossan. Illona’s heart is in worship and in mission. She is always looking for creative liturgy and for ways of making liturgy be the true work of the people. She is diligent at her work in creating the bulletin and making sure we are not boring! Illona is also passionate about mission work in and around the community. If there is an opportunity to serve, she is there.

Neilia and Tom McGuinness

This family back from sunny California, found Roots of Life just over a year ago. Tom is a geek. And Tom has helped us with all things IT. He is one of the best lectors (readers), bringing to life scripture and other readings. Both Neilia and Tom bring a vibrancy of the theater to our community.

Neilia, even though she is a numbers gal by trade, has a big personality that comes with an even bigger heart. Neilia has the great gift of administration while being fantastically social. Put her in a social situation and she makes friends with everyone. And then there is Angus. You just have to meet him. That’s all.

Amy Graham

Amy walked into the community of Roots of Life, not knowing a soul except for the pastor, whom she had only met once, and stayed. Skeptical of the Church, pretty ticked off at God, she found a place where wounds could heal and friends would be made. She would say that she found her home. Amy is an artist and finds great joy in creating liturgical art for the ROL community. She’s tattooed, often has a stripe of pink hair, has a dog named Elvis, and is a lover of Jesus and our community. You will often find her in the sacristy, pouring communion for all of us, or thinking of new ways to engage the community. Amy loves to serve God and the church.

Paige Harper

Paige is a born administrator. Details are her thing. She knows IT and she is also a trained chef. Currently, Paige is taking pottery classes and is a life long learner. Paige is in charge of kicking the pastor’s patootie when she gets too off track. She offers encouragement and kindness to everyone and is also involved with our PFLAG group that meets at ROL. Paige looks for ways in which Roots of Life can participate in justice issues, especially having to do with gender equality and women’s rights.

Marsha Bragg

Marsha Marsha Marsha, is really good at talking to people, especially new people. If you have a question about what is going on at Roots of Life, if Marsha does not know, she can direct you to who will know. Marsha is our new person co-ordinator and also a Co-Leader of our Prayer Group. Marsha loves to cook, entertain, and play golf.

Nikki Jasper

Nicole Jasper aka Nikki Nikki you are so fine…the gal who makes coffee every Sunday morning, is also busy with hospitality type stuff like organizing dinner groups, throwing together parties and meals. She is really a super fun gal who, for a living, loves to edit, write and read. She is a great listener, and is involved with a Spiritual practice of intentional listening. Ask her about it. Oh yeah, she can make homemade tortilla. She came to Roots of Life after moving back into the area and was looking for a progressive community who values tradition and family.